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Progress Reports

A well-balanced program needs well-balanced progress reports. So we offer unique assessments that span the full Athlos Curriculum. Student achievement at Athlos Leadership Academy is a collaborative effort among teachers, coaches, students and parents. Our progress reports help everyone stay abreast of individual development as well as identify and support areas of improvement.

Report Cards
Academic progress reports are provided at the end of each school term to track assignments, attendance, and classroom understanding. In addition to following academic progress, the Athlos Athletic Curriculum monitors a student’s individual achievement in fitness goals. Parents can compare age-appropriate benchmarks set forth by professional athletic trainers and see how their student is progressing. Both Academic and Athletic reports pave the way for discussions about a student’s Character development.

The Athlos Score
The Athlos Character Report Card includes input from the student’s classroom teacher, turf instructors, as well as the parent. To give character development a measurable context, Athlos assigns student progress in each area to a quantitative scale. The average of all numeric scores—along with comments that open the door for discussion—make up what we call the Athlos Score. We have found this unique character indicator to be more accurate and more effective than a standard GPA in helping a student understand what it takes to perform successfully in life.