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Character Curriculum

Character is an important philosophy in many schools, and Athlos is no exception. But we teach Character using two very different approaches.

A planned, measurable curriculum
For starters, Athlos Character is part of a formal, year-long curriculum. Not just explained in a school handbook and then forgotten, our proprietary lesson plans identify 12 essential performance traits which are taught throughout the school year. Even more unique, Athlos has developed a cooperative way to measure these performance traits. This Athlos Score identifies individual characteristics that are a better predictor of success than GPA alone.

Performance Character
The Athlos Character Curriculum distinguishes itself with concepts that point to performance. We believe it’s important to help kids first recognize character strengths—traits like Grit, Leadership, and Social Intelligence. So these concepts become part of daily academic instruction, athletic activities, and through leadership roles with younger students and in the community.

Character Huddles and Reflections
Athlos performance attributes are especially integral to turf activities where coaches and teachers relate them to student progress and goals. Character Huddles regularly bring a class together to discuss and be challenged by an idea related to performance. Students define a particular character trait and learn about a real-life example. To complement this exercise, Character Reflections allow students to “teach the concept back.”

By understanding what performance character traits are and why they matter, Athlos students are able to define an abstract concept and relate it to their lives. These are the strengths and skills that social researchers identify with success—far more so than an academic GPA. And they act as the foundation Athlos Leadership Academy uses to point our students toward success.